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Helping you find the right Healthcare Marketing Mix

There is a challenge to finding the right recipe for success. Should you spend money trying to maximize your current patient base, or look to expand it? Why not do both?

UpOnline's unique mix of online push (email newsletters & social media) and pull (website & search) marketing makes sure you have the right balance for your practice, and allows you to focus on being a great practitioner.

Our experienced team of healthcare marketing professionals focus on keeping your office top-of-mind with your existing patients, informing patients about your services and encouraging more points of interaction.

UpOnline's newsletter service allows you to send your patient's monthly email newsletters directly from your practice. UpOnline writes the content, designs each newsletter with your branding in mind, and deploys to your patients on your behalf. We encourage custom content, so you can add whatever you like to each newsletter to customize it even further.

Your brand, your office, your services expressed distinctly through UpOnline

We are experts on building websites for the healthcare industry. While design and feel of each site we build is unique, there are best practices that we follow to maximize the patient experience for all our clients. That gives you the best of both worlds; a website that effectively communicates your unique look, feel and services, and with world class SEO to help potential patients find it! UpOnline monitors and regularly updates your website to ensure it can be found using the most relevant keywords for your practice.

Talk to us today to learn more about a company who are experts at online marketing for dentists, doctors, and suppliers to the healthcare industry. Get personal service from one of our dedicated client managers and let us help you meet your goals.

A Custom Designed
& Managed Website
A website is an important first impression tool for potential patients to learn about your office and is a vital part of growing your healthcare practice.

Managed Websites feature:
  • Personalized design to reflect your brand and office
  • Mobile-optimized layout
  • Calls-to-action for patients to Request an Appointment, Subscribe to your Newsletter, and Ask a Question
  • Evolving library of patient-friendly articles, personalized for your practice
  • Healthcare industry best practices
  • Unlimited updates!
With over ten years of experience, UpOnline knows what drives patient appointment requests, how to best communicate medical issues and provide an easy-to-navigate website which reflects their experience in your office.

& Tracked
Email Newsletters
UpOnline Newsletters can be a powerful component of your marketing program, delivering your message directly to your patient's inbox.

Email Campaigns help you:
  • Gain valuable information about which services interest your patients
  • Stay top-of-mind: Increase patient visits, sharing and referrals
  • Increase awareness of specialty services and procedures
  • Maximize the goodwill effect of your community involvement
  • Advertise promotions and contests
  • Drive up to 50% more visits to your website
An eNewsletter will generate interest in your services, and increase brand awareness and loyalty.

A great website is only effective if potential patients can find you online. We employ SEO best practices to ensure reliable results. Clients are provided ranking reports on an ongoing basis. UpOnline also helps practices reach patient through paid search marketing. Unlike most companies, we provide transparent pricing for Google Adwords management, letting your marketing dollars go farther.

Dedicated Client
Enjoy personal one-on-one care and attention from dedicated client representatives. With over ten years of experience, our team has developed a proven process and industry insight with which all our UpOnline client representatives follow. We will help you form a strategic online marketing strategy, set and achieve business goals, and address any marketing and technical concerns to lay the groundwork for success.

Performance Reports
UpOnline clients receive reports to help them better understand and gauge the effectiveness of their marketing programs. UpOnline performance reports help to gauge the effectiveness of marketing programs. We provide an exhaustive overview and insights on patient messaging, website analytics, SEO ranking, and newsletter campaign effectiveness. As part of the iterative process, the reports help guide the necessary adjustments to maximize results over time.

Social Media and Reputation Management
Social Matters. Billions of people are using social media daily to connect with friends, brands and companies and to inform their purchasing decisions. We can help you create a strong social media presence and use it as a platform to help you build credibility in your field. Learn more here.

Every point of contact is important and an opportunity to raise awareness about your brand and services. Personalize your one-to-one emails with branded e-stationery, incorporating imagery, calls to action, and links to your website and social media platforms in a concise professional design to be consistent with your overall branding strategy. Similar to our newsletter and eblast templates, eStationery's are tested on multiple web and mail clients to ensure compatibility across the web.

Paid Digital Ads
Run an ad campaign that will help you strengthen brand awareness, grow website traffic, and increase sales for your product or service. With Google AdWords we can cater to your targeted audience and, using best AdWords practices, maximize your online visibility while staying on budget.

Capture your patients attention with the use of multimedia. Promote services, promotions, and community events with eye-catching visuals in your waiting room. These videos are professionally crafted and incorporates your branding and logo.

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